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Bug-Tracker • Unable To Get Running!

Unable To Get Running! (neu)
Grid: Mobius Grid
Login URI: grid.mobiusgrid.us:8002
Region Name: Age Test

It is not doing anything, I have set it to adult, restart the region, and module installed, and configs set. I don't know what more to do...

  • von Admin am Sa 16. Mai 2015, 05:56
Hi. Are there any error messages reported by themodule in the sim log file?

  • von hack13 am Sa 16. Mai 2015, 11:48
None that I saw I can run it again and turn on debugging and give those results.

  • von hack13 am Sa 16. Mai 2015, 14:56
Sadly I don't even see your module spitting out any information.

  • von hack13 am Sa 16. Mai 2015, 14:57
We are using

  • von Admin am Sa 16. Mai 2015, 14:58
While wondering what could be gooing wrong, do you by any chance have hypergrid visitors disabled via the sim?

I need to add a little of extra logging on my side to see if the problem is on my side, will soon and then you can try again, with debug on aswell ;)

  • von hack13 am Sa 16. Mai 2015, 16:49
alright, it is running "grid.mobiusgrid.us:8002:Age Test"

  • von Admin am Sa 16. Mai 2015, 16:50
Ok, I have added additional logging on my side to see if your sim is communicating with us.

Unless opensim does notload the module, you should be seeing some notification in the log file during startup. Even if disabled the module would add a log message "[X Avatar]: not loaded".

(Btw: I have added a new feature to the bugtracker, it should send a message to notify of a new reply... hope atleast that works)

  • von hack13 am Sa 16. Mai 2015, 16:55
Alright I will attempt to restart it making a couple changes so we can see if it's a config issue on my end

  • von hack13 am Sa 16. Mai 2015, 17:15
we got further, it was the module didn't upload and I thought it did. So here is new problem:

20:32:36 - [AuthorizationService DEBUG]: ca82177f-d8e4-4251-a335-8537118e5c0d, 6cec47ef-5a32-4718-b3e5-cc66c8080b08, ,
20:32:36 - [X Avatar]: Access denied to : Teleport denied due to a bug
20:32:36 - [CONNECTION BEGIN]: Denied access to: 6cec47ef-5a32-4718-b3e5-cc66c8080b08 ( ) at Age Test because: Teleport denied due to a bug

  • von Admin am Sa 16. Mai 2015, 17:26
Ok, I am also inworld now ;).

I see that the grid is registered, and wanted to link my avatar, didnt work.... working on that.... I guess it will be on my side now

  • von hack13 am Sa 16. Mai 2015, 17:29
Alright, also when I try to use your terminal, the second I put the script in it, it deletes itself.

  • von Admin am Sa 16. Mai 2015, 18:36
In general the Terminal requires the X-Avatar module to be installed on the region were the Terminal is rezzed, even if that Region is a non adult region. This is required so that the system knows in which grid the terminal is placed.

I will need to make a new terminal script, I think it would be helpfull for a message on why the Terminal was removed to be sent ;)

  • von hack13 am Di 23. Jun 2015, 16:51
Sorry to bug you again... but I have upgraded to the latest version of your ageverification module and it is no longer working again. This time I can confirm that it is in the bin folder, it is set to true and everything in the GridCommon.ini I get no information or anything about it saying it is enabled or disabled when I start the region.

  • von hack13 am Di 23. Jun 2015, 16:52
Also quick update, the grid is now running on latest stable 0.8.1

  • von Admin am Mi 24. Jun 2015, 15:22
Interesting interesting.

Well, as you did manage to get it running previously and the new module has the same ini ettings , I can asume you did the correct inisettings ;)

I have added some logging on my side, could you please start/restart the region so that I can check what my logs are saying.


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gemeldet am: Fr 15. Mai 2015, 22:27
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