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Verification types

X-Avatar offers multiple verification methods which are rated diffrently. Depending on the verification needs one can set the minimum rating that is required.

  • SL Adult
    As SL Adult one needs to have a ageverified Avatar in SL which can visit the Terminal on a Adult region to verify your account.

    The adult verification Linden Labs uses is simple but not very trustworthy as its easy for minors to recieve the adult status in SL. SL verification does NOT meet the minimum requirements for adult verification of all countries. If you are using extreme adult material we recomend to atleast use PP Adult.
  • PP Adult
    PP Adult verify their account using a PayPal acount. After a transaction to X-Avatar we return a code, also via PayPal. The code is then used to verify the account.

    Unfortunatly PayPal also is not fully reliable. Eventhough only adults may have a PayPal account, minors also can manage to pass this verfication. It is however more reliable than the SL verification.
  • RL Adult
    If you need a verification which is internationaly recognized, then a RL verification is required. X-Avatar uses UPS (United Parcel Service) to send the verification code per post. Only adults with a valid ID (identity document) will be able to recieve the letter containing the code.

    This method can be expensive. To minimize costs X-Avatar is looking for Members in other countries which want to help by sending UPS post from their country.

X-Avatar rates the verification types as listed above.
SL Adults - Only have access to services requiring SL Adult verification
PP Adults - Only have access to PP Adults and SL Adult services
RL Adults - RL Adults have full access to all services incl. SL/PP
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