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New Verification methods

New Verification methods

Beitragvon Admin » Fr 18. Okt 2013, 23:36


we have updated our verification system to improve usebility

SL Verification
SL has meanwhile changed back to a "I am over 18" button to verify their members. Well, we also changed our SL verification to a simple button. The advantages are, that one does not need a SL avatar that is ageverifyed and one also does not need to visit our terminal in SL anymore.

The disadvantage of a simple click on a button is, that minors can easely verify their avatar. We thus recomend region owners to make use of the PP Verification

The Terminal in SL will stay as our scripts can still be used in SL for ageverification.

RL Verification
Due to low demand and high costs we have disabled RL verification for now. If there is a demand, please contact us

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